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Letter: School Not Overcrowded; It's Understaffed

Apr 28, 2014 09:28AM ● Published by Steven Jack

We, the parents of Hunt Club Ms. McCluckie's Kindergarten class's students, request that Hunt Club's current Kindergarten class be treated in an equitable manner. The staffing document for the next school year states that Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes will be "up to 25 students". Currently, Hunt Club has 29 students in the Kindergarten class and it will only grow given the rate of rapid development in the Hunt Club community. Even with the current projections for next year's first grade class (28), the District will be over its cap of "up to 25 students".

As planning for the 2014-2015 school year is underway, including staffing, we ask the Board to consider splitting the current Kindergarten class into two sections for First grade. We want to emphasize an important distinction that Hunt Club is not overcrowded, it is understaffed. There are already two first grade classrooms that each has a first grade teacher. We request to keep both first grade teachers at Hunt Club for the next school year.

The construction in the Hunt Club sub-division continues to grow at a rapid rate and will increase class sizes before the next school year. It is the fastest selling community in the entire Kendall county area. We already know of two new children who will be entering First grade at Hunt Club the next school year. This brings up the number of students up to 31.

We are also concerned that the classroom with 31 students is a safety issue and should be a serious concern for School District 308. In case of a true emergency at Hunt Club, we are not convinced that a safe and orderly evacuation of 31 six and seven year olds is possible.

We are all aware that the Common Core calls for the high academic rigor. We need smaller size classes that are compliant with the district's class-size guidelines so children can get the attention in class that they need and deserve. If students' needs are met when they are most impressionable, the need for costly remediation and intervention down the road will be reduced.

We hope the Board will make the right decision.


Ms. McCluckie's Classroom Parents

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