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Letter: Ploger Has Dedication to Most Vulnerable Students

Mar 08, 2015 09:55PM ● Published by Steven Jack

I had the opportunity to read Jared Ploger’s platform letter on his Facebook page and website ( recently.  I was moved by his dedication to our most vulnerable kids in this district. 

The fact that this candidate is talking about paying attention to audits that our district has spent thousands of dollars on is encouraging.  His commitment to our Special Education, all day Kindergarten and ELL populations displays his compassion for all kids.  

Jared Ploger is someone who I know called for Oswego to leave the Kendall County Co-Op in two years instead of one.  He was ahead of that change.  He recognized our relationship with other Kendall County school districts before our current administration did.  That’s what we need on our School Board; someone who understands this area.  

More importantly, I know he is going to advocate for our students, no matter their situation.  As an educator who speaks well to parents and staff, here is someone who can restore some trust in our Board of Education, as he has stated he will. 

Jared Ploger has my vote on April 7th and if you are going to be out of town, you can vote starting March 23rd.  Let’s put someone in who will remember all of us when change happens.

Michael Mueller


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