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Letter: Giles, Motykowski, Selmer, Marter Can be Trusted with Tax Dollars

Mar 20, 2015 02:36PM ● Published by Steven Jack

The Village of Oswego is approaching a leadership crisis, and all taxpayers should take heed.  Excellent leaders are not running for reelection.  For the past few years, only the Village has kept a line on taxes.

The Village President and two excellent Trustees are not in the race to retain their positions.  This leaves a huge vacuum that might be filled by persons who have a track record of taxing and spending. 

A group led by current Trustee Gail Johnson, is vying to take control of our taxes and well-being.  If this happens our taxes will skyrocket.

Gail Johnson has the worst track record of any Trustee in recent memory for suggesting new expenditures and taxes.  The list is lengthy and she was only stopped by the other Trustees who are not running for that slot.  She also has a track record of supporting developers and legal firms who support her financially.  

Examples are a new police station ($42 million), overpriced developer land ($100,000/acre), $250,000 incentive for a business to stay in Oswego, etc. She even voted to make her husband a paid Police Commissioner (until he had to resign because that was illegal). 

Please vote for a team that I have personally vetted for fiscal restraint and competence. Tony Giles for Village President. He’s proven himself as a Trustee for many years now.  For Trustees:  Rasma Motykowski, Diane Selmer, and a write-in, James Marter.  You can depend on these folks to hold the tax line for you.

Leonard R. Wass


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