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Letter: Ploger Understands School Board's Role in the Community

Mar 23, 2015 03:32PM ● Published by Steven Jack

I am writing in support of Jared Ploger’s candidacy for SD308 School Board. 

I have known Jared for three years and have been thoroughly impressed with not only his knowledge of education and school policy, but his understanding of the critical role the school board plays in acting on behalf of the community. 

I have attended many school board meetings and was a member of the SD308 Teaching and Learning Committee the past three years.  The dynamic between the current school board and the administration has evolved where current board members seem to be devotees of the upper administration. 

I question if the school board had forgotten that their job is to represent the citizens who voted for them and not to be at the helm of Dr. Wendt.  Jared knows that his role is to act on behalf of the families that flocked to SD308 in the past 10 years expecting a superior education only to find out that they were duped by the school board and the administration they helped hire. 

Jared is constantly out taking the pulse of the community.  He hears the successes, challenges, and disappointments we share with him.  When the board votes on the next issue, whether it is about boundaries, finances, or learning opportunities for students, I am confident Jared will compellingly articulate the community’s voice and vote based on the desires of the community and not of Dr. Wendt.

Vote for Jared Ploger on April 7th.
Jim Richter

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