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Letter: Village President Candidate Refuses to go Negative

Mar 24, 2015 09:46AM ● Published by Steven Jack

 “I’m Gail Johnson and I want to be your Village President.” I have repeated that phrase at thousands of doors throughout Oswego during the last three months. This simple phrase has made people smile, sometimes giggle, and a time or two made them close the door. Whether you welcomed me or shunned me, my response was the same: a smile and a “thank you.”

My team made a decision to stay positive, talk about issues, and not slam my opponent. Of course we thought about it. But…we did not. We chose to stick to our message and run a campaign we could be proud of.

One evening the team turned to me and said: “Gail, the stakes are high in this election. What if we lose because we didn’t respond to the negative attacks? Can you live with that?” I spent a couple of sleepless nights thinking about the consequences long and hard.

“If we lose this election because we refuse to go negative, then Oswego isn’t ready for me,” was (and still is) my reply.

If you agree with me and want a Village Board that will:

  • Revitalize the downtown
  • Strengthen our economic corridors
  • Preserve our quality of life
  • Reduce our tax burden to our seniors
…and do it all in way that makes you proud to say, “yes, I live in Oswego!” Then please vote Tuesday, April 7 for Gail Johnson for Oswego Village President, and trustee candidates Ryan Kauffman, Karin McCarthy-Lange, and Joe West.

Gail Johnson, Candidate for Village President

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