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Letter: Johnson Won't 'Hit the Panic Button'

Mar 24, 2015 07:05PM ● Published by Steven Jack

When Gail Johnson said she was throwing her proverbial hat in the ring to run for Oswego Village President, I was both excited and nervous for her. As a fellow woman and female entrepreneur, I know only too well the slings and arrows that get thrown our way, purely because it’s easy to bandy about the litany of clichés and stereotypical colloquialisms used to diminish a woman’s qualifications and abilities.

I’ve been pleased to see Gail utilize the calm, confident approaches of agreeing to disagree and striving for open communication in her dealings during this election season. Both tactics are signs of true leadership and what we need in a Village President.

If we look around at other communities and listen to what is happening in our state, this is a critical time for our Village. It is, most definitely, a buyers’ market when it comes to attracting new businesses. We need to be strategic and even a bit shrewd in ensuring there is enough of a balance between residents, public services, community organizations and businesses so that we can maintain a vibrant community where the financial burden for that vibrancy is shared.

We need a leader who can “see the forest for the trees,” someone who can think both strategically and tactically, someone who has the experience to lean into difficult situations and consider trying something new, instead of only relying on the safest bet to weather the storm, someone who can see beyond the horizon when no one else can. Those are the entrepreneurial characteristics Gail Johnson has to offer our community.

And don’t be fooled. Gail isn’t going to “hit the panic button.” In addition to being a business owner, she’s also a wife and mother. To steal and rephrase Tom Hank’s famous line in A League of Their Own, “there is no panicking in working motherhood.” I would argue that that experience has only made her more focused, more strategic and, most of all, more patient.

Lastly, I want to highlight something about Gail that you can see in the first five minutes of talking to her: She loves this Village. I hope you will let her show how much by electing her to Village President.

Rachelle Stoller, Oswego Business Owner and Resident


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