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Letter: Time for a Change on District 308 School Board

Mar 29, 2015 08:15PM ● Published by Steven Jack

I moved to Oswego 10 years ago because of its reputation for safety, small town charm, and excellent schools. 

Since moving here, I have fallen in love with the area and its people. It is with this admiration for our town that I have recently started following the happenings in our school district. Our beloved school district is at a pivotal point in its history and as an educator, parent, and taxpayer, I am fearful for what is on the horizon. For the last three years, our current school board has made policy changes and decisions that are not in the best interest of its students, parents, the community, and our resulting property values

Their promises of financial responsibility are in contrast to our current superintendent’s total benefits package. Administrative bonuses are unheard of in education, yet our current board approved them without hesitation. There seems to be no checks and balance between the board and administration. 

Spending thousands of dollars to "rebrand" the district from Oswego308 to SD308 and the $30,000+ price tag for the district's new website are just a few of the “financially responsible” decision made. I would rather see those thousands spent in the classroom on books or technology rather than new letterhead, business cards, and uniforms. 

If you have not had an opportunity to attend a board meeting in recent years, you would be astonished at how members of the public are treated by these elected officials. Disregard for community opinion and requests are obvious as they stare at their laptops, eat, and doodle on papers while a community member is addressing the board.

My experience with Oswego teachers and building administration has been nothing but positive over the years. Teachers and administrators are leaving the district at an alarming rate, and it is not because of the pay.

This trend can not continue, if we are to maintain the level of excellence our district deserves. It is time for a change at the top. Our children, teachers, parents and community deserve better leadership. Jared Ploger, Brad Banks, and Lauri Doyle can help right this ship, and move our school district forward as partners with the community.

John Kelsey

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