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Well-Behaved Kids Can Help You Hold onto That Perfect Sitter

Mar 30, 2015 03:41PM ● Published by Pamela Hampton

I recently had a birthday, and my wonderful husband took me to see Je’Caryous Johnson’s stage play Things Your Man Won’t Do at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. 

I love stage plays, but due to the children being young and not having a sitter I haven’t been to one in years. As mothers, the phrase “I can’t go” becomes very familiar.

I have friends who will leave their children with just about anybody they can find, including an internet nanny, just so they can go out.  Before having children, I traveled a lot! So, I feel it’s OK to say no to some things if I don’t have a suitable place for my kids to stay.  

Not too long ago a group of friends asked me to go out, and I told them “I can’t go” because I didn't have a sitter. I was told to just find somebody to watch them and if something bad happened to them they were old enough to tell me. 

I told that mom that if my kids have to tell me that something bad has happened to them, then it’s too late. I’m not putting my kids in harm’s way for any reason. 

As luck would have it I have an awesome friend who is also my Realtor. My dear friend agreed to watch the kids while my husband and I went to the play. She took them to Red Robin, Popcorn Haven, and Odyssey Fun World! 

The kids had such a great time with her that they gave her the honorary title of Auntie. When we picked the kids up that night my friend complimented them on their behavior. 

The true test of how your children behave is what they do when you are not around. Teaching your kids to be polite, respectful, and obedient will not only help them to be productive members of society, it can also help you hold on to a great sitter!

Kid 2 Kid

I ask my kids what’s the best part about going to a sitter? My son said you can have fun with them and go fun places. My daughter said her Dad and I get to go out and her and her brother can still have fun.  Well, Tyler Perry is coming to Chicago soon, Auntie…..hint hint.

About me

 I am an Oswego mom to two wonderful kids and the wife of the greatest man I know. I have written 3 children’s books all about my kids, the stories are true and the material is endless. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University and a Master’s Degree from DeVry’s Keller School of Management. You can catch me around town shopping, at the movies or volunteering at my kids' school.

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