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Letter: Giles Says Tax Increases Not Needed in Oswego

Apr 04, 2015 08:50AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Thank you to the countless supporters who have helped me and listened to me explain how tax increases aren’t needed in Oswego.

After careful review of the 239 pages of the over $30 million budget I have found a way to complete the much needed roads program and improvements to public services like snow plowing, leaf and brush pick up with no tax increases. 

A no-tax increase policy by the Village President is important because it helps to keep Oswego a desirable place to live, work, and shop. An example of this would be the 52 new businesses we added last year and Oswego being 4th in Northern Illinois in new home starts. Consumers shop for the lowest sales tax for major purchases much like they do for the lowest gas prices. To raise either of these would result in an exit of millions of dollars in revenue, every year.

Working hard for Oswego residents and not raising taxes or fees has allowed Oswego to have the lowest sales tax in the area as well as low gas prices. Residents and non-residents of Oswego shopping in Oswego helps our tax base and results in lower overall taxes for our community.

I have always remained true to my word. As your Village President I will not raise your taxes.

I humbly ask for your support. Please vote for me on Tuesday April 7th.

J. Anthony “Tony” Giles, Candidate for Oswego Village President


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