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Voter Turnout Remains Low for Oswego Election

Apr 10, 2015 11:02AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Kendall County voter turnout in Tuesday's consolidated election may have been better than two years ago, but only by a fraction.
According to unofficial totals, voter turnout Tuesday in Kendall County was 11.56 percent. That compares to 11.52 percent in the 2013 consolidated election. Those numbers are off even further from 2011 when 16.5 percent of those registered voted.

In Oswego, 3,545 people voted in the race that saw Village Trustee Gail Johnson elected as the new Village President over fellow trustee Tony Giles. In the 2011 election, incumbent Village President Brian LeClercq was elected with a total of 3,883 people voting. 

"The numbers are definitely concerning," said Kendall County Clerk Debbie Gillette. "From the Clerk's standpoint, we're doing everything we can. We have early voting, absentee voting, post notices in the paper. Now, getting people to actually go vote is another matter."

Gillette said the county is considering operating another early voting site that could possibly increase voter turnout. Currently, the only two early voting locations in Kendall County are the Courthouse in Yorkville and Oswego Village Hall. 

The location for a third voting site would depend on many factors, Gillette said, including voter turnout numbers by area, site security and the availability and reliability of local internet access. 

When asked if a mobile early voting unit like the one that is used in Kane County could be considered for Kendall County, Gillette said it would depend on the cost to operate such a unit.

Oswego School District 308 voter turnout

While specific precinct by precinct voter turnout numbers aren't yet available in Kendall County, results in areas that vote for District 308 candidates were up slightly over 2013.

In addition to the overall 11.56 percent Kendall County number, there was a 4.5 percent turnout in the two precincts in Will County that vote for District 308 candidates. Turnout in the 11 precincts reporting to the Aurora Election Commission was 6.9 percent. By comparison, there was a 3.7 percent turnout in Will County in 2013 and 8.2 percent in Aurora.

In both 2015 and 2013 there were no voters in the one precinct in Kane County that participates in District 308 elections.

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