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Oswego Village President Candidate Hoping Johnson Won't Keep 'Tax Pledge'

May 21, 2015 10:58AM ● Published by Steven Jack

As I have reflected on my eight years as trustee in the Village of Oswego I would like to thank my wife and children for the sacrifices they made so I could work to make the village a better place. It has truly been an honor to have served a great community like Oswego. 

In the past few weeks I have heard countless words of encouragement and continued support. I would like to thank all of my supports for their countless help throughout the election process and in the weeks that followed. 

We ran a fair and honest campaign without any negative campaigning. The mountain we took on was a tall order. We didn’t just face an opponent and her tax increase policy. We also went up against her supports who threw everything they had at us. 

Her campaign was run and supported by top Illinois Republican organizers like David Krahn and former Illinois House Minority leader Tom Cross. We took them all on and only lost by 189 votes. We even faced a night before the election endorsement by Cross in support of my opponent and her tax increase promise.

In the weeks since the election I have been asked by numerous people if I would please continue to be involved in local politics. My answer is yes. I will continue to inform the public on upcoming issues before the board. 

As I had insisted that the community kept me accountable for my campaign promises I too will inform you if the current elected candidates are keeping the promises they made during the election. During my eight years I kept 100% of my campaign promises.

I expect all politicians to do the same, with one exception. President Johnson promised several times that she would raise our taxes. I am asking her to not keep her campaign promise of raising taxes.

My first question regarding the new administration is when Village President Johnson appointed f Tom Cross’ law firm to be the village attorney with an estimated $200,000 per year fee. Did President Johnson follow the bid process or was this appointment made without such consideration?

Thank you Oswego for your continued support.

Tony Giles, former Oswego trustee and candidate for Village President

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