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Beautiful Bird Found in Oswego Taking Flight to New Home

Jul 01, 2015 01:00PM ● Published by Steven Jack

This lost cockatiel was found Monday in Oswego's Gates Creek subdivision. (Submitted photo)

A beautiful multi-colored cockatiel found on Oswego’s west side has become quite the social media darling. 

A resident in Oswego’s Gates Creek subdivision found the bird perched on his front porch Monday morning. The resident turned for help to neighbor Kim Baird who has fostered many rescue dogs over the years.

“My neighbor found him on his doorstep in the morning, and he was still there in the afternoon,” Baird said. “He’s a friendly little guy, and even went on my neighbor’s shoulder while he was doing yard work. He’s in pretty good shape, and doesn’t look like he’s been missing long.”

Baird posted the bird’s photo along with a call out to anyone who may be missing him on the Only Oswego Facebook page Monday night and since then the post has been seen by about 20,000 people and shared over 170 times. 

Baird said she’s spoken to a couple of possible owners from as far away as Morris and Batavia, and even wondered if he could have been displaced in the recent tornadoes in Coal City and Sublette. Wherever his home may be, finding his owner could be difficult given his similarity in looks to other cockatiels.

“It’s not like a dog,” Baird said. “All dogs are pretty distinctively looking. If the owner does show up, they’ll need to show pictures to make sure it’s the right bird. I want to make sure he makes it to the rightful owners. 

The bird will be with Baird for the next day or so, but after that she said he will be taken to another foster family in Plainfield that has experience in caring for birds. 

Anyone who may think this bird belongs to them or may know the owners should contact Baird at for additional information.    

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