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Hacker Suspected in Attacks on Oswego Family Convicted in Finland

Jul 11, 2015 08:08AM ● Published by Steven Jack

A teen who may be responsible for an email threat on an Oswego school has been convicted in a Finnish court on over 50,000 counts of computer hacking. 

According to cyber news site The Daily Dot, Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki, 17, is suspected in several attacks on Oswego’s Strater family during the past three years. The most recent attack came in May when mother Amy Strater's email account was hacked and generated email messages to a Southbury subdivision email list with the subject line “I will shoot up your school.” The threat led to two days of increased security at schools around District 308.

Kivimaki will not serve prison time, but instead has been given two years of a suspended sentence and will have his online activity monitored by Finnish police, the Daily Dot said. 

Kivimaki also is suspected in the posting last year of the Straters’ personal information on the Twitter account of Tesla Motor Co. and its founder Elon Musk. The family also had been previously “swatted” when Oswego Police were called to the home in the middle of the night last year for a report that Amy Strater had been killed. 

The family became the target of Kivimaki because of their adult son, Blair Strater, who works in the technology field as a so-called “white-hat hacker.” White-hat hackers help companies discover online security vulnerabilities. 

Blair Strater spoke to the Daily Dot after news of Kivimaki’s conviction and sentencing.

“I’ve lost complete faith in the justice system, and that includes the FBI. He’s harmed American targets and the FBI should have stepped in by now,” Strater said. “The reality is, Julius Kivimaki will never be made to pay for his crimes.”

Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner said the FBI is still investigating the school threat from May, and detectives were in contact with federal investigators as recently as last week. 

No charges have been filed against Kivimaki in the United States and whether he will face extradition from Finland for crimes in the U.S. remains to be seen. Kivimaki is reportedly part of global hacking network Lizard Squad that claimed responsibility for Christmas Day attacks on both Playstation and Xbox online gaming systems. 

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