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Letter: Sales Tax Increase a Step Toward Stronger Community

Jul 15, 2015 11:48AM ● Published by Steven Jack

As an Oswego resident, I applaud the Village Board for taking the bold stance in approving the sales tax increase. Good streets, roads and other infrastructure are the literal foundation upon which quality communities are built.

For the cost of 75 cents per $100 purchase in village stores, Oswego will get nearly $3 million in revenue to fix streets that are, in some cases, in deplorable shape, and will be able to maintain streets in the future. And much of that revenue will come from shoppers who visit our stores from communities like Plano, Yorkville, Sugar Grove, Montgomery, Plainfield and Aurora.

While some have taken a negative view of this issue, I say it’s a step forward. Our property taxes are extremely high in this county, and sales tax is a way to put the burden of maintaining and fixing roads on those visiting our area instead of on the backs of our seniors and other residents via more property tax.

Again, thank you to the Village Board and President Gail Johnson for taking a progressive stance, and for putting the residents of Oswego first.

Tony Scott, Oswego
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