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INTRODUCING: Spa of Argos Mediterranean Day Spa

Aug 02, 2015 12:04PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Katherine Moraetes (right) is the owner of Spa of Argos Mediterranean Day Spa. She's pictured here with her mom, Joann, who has been instrumental in helping to launch the spa.

Business name Spa of Argos Mediterranean Day Spa
Owner Katherine Moraetes
Address 123 West Washington
Business Phone Number 630-383-2043
Email address
Year business started: April 2014

Describe your business Spa of Argos was inspired by the natural, and organic healing found in the oldest city of the Mediterranean; Argos, Greece. The powerful health benefits of Massage and Organic Skin Care are a necessity for healthy and happy living in the Mediterranean; and they are now available, as well as affordable. Spa of Argos will helps naturally achieve the healthy and organic healing the body deserves.

Why did you start your own business? After working in the beauty industry for several years ( as a way to put myself through college) as an Airbrush Technician and a Makeup Artist, I strongly felt my next step in life was to provide my services in a one-stop shop. After graduating from college, I began to fulfil a life long dream of traveling - something I found necessary before pursuing any form of entrepreneurship. I felt at home in Argos, Greece - where my family was originally from. I was also blown away by their devotion to organic healing through traditional medicinal techniques such as Massages or Facials. I felt that the Spa Industry here was taking a cold corporate turn and that idea of Massage and Medicine going hand in hand was entirely lost. I wanted to bring a health based business to Oswego that was not only affordable but also original. I felt that our community deserved a "home away from home" when it came to our Spa.

Tell us something unique about your business We are the only Organic Mediterranean Day Spa within our area. We pride ourselves on providing the purest of products when it comes to their ingredients. Even our Massage Oil was carefully selected to ensure it would suit every individual skin type - as well as have the USDA Organic Label. We also use a Seaweed Based skin care line for all of our facials and additional skin therapies. We brought back a piece of Argos with us when it comes to our decor. Many of the pieces in the Spa are from my travels.

What's the best part of owning your own business? I truly enjoy meeting everyone that comes into our Spa. It's not often that you own a business that provides people happiness, pain relief, and a break on their budget. Introducing people to holistic and natural ways of healing their body affordably is a blessing to me because it is something I strongly believe in. I can see the difference we make in some people's lives and that alone makes any long work day entirely worth it. As my team says, when we are here, it doesn't really feel like a job - more like a home!


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