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Back to School an Important Time for the Family Dog, Too

Aug 19, 2015 07:17PM ● Published by Steven Jack


It's that time of year when we find ourselves sending kids back to school all set to see what is ahead of them in the new year — such a great time of excitement for everyone.

However, what is 
the family dog doing now that everyone has gone back to school and life is returning to a somewhat normal pace? Now that the kids aren't all coming over to hang out, what is the dog doing?

Now that sports and after school activities take a front and center position of priority 
once again, what is your dog doing all day? Well likely the dog is sitting around wondering where all his/her fun playmates are. How sad for your dog. 

Maybe it's time to consider giving your dog some school friends of their own. Have you thought about taking your dog to daycare where they can run and play, bark, jump and be a dog?

The benefits to your dog are huge and you will enjoy them too. By giving your dog a safe 
place to go play during the day, you will be not only encouraging your dog to be a bit independent of you but you will be increasing his/her social skills in the process.

Dogs are 
better balanced and more well rounded members of our families when they have the opportunity to run and play in the fresh air. 

What does your dog need to learn this back to school season? Well your dog needs to learn that it's ok to go play for the day without you. He or she also needs to learn to sleep over night without you so you can begin with short one night training boardings which will help to 
prepare your dog to be boarded over the holidays if you plan to travel. Now is a great time to 
be doing that. 

At Paws In Time, we will help to guide you through the process of teaching your dog how to play for the day as well as how to stay overnight without you and to be ok with that. Believe it or not, training your dog to board is one of the most valuable skills you can give your dog. 

Give us a call at and we will help you get started. We look forward to serving you soon.

Julie Nelson is the owner of Paws In Time dog daycare and boarding centers in Oswego and West Chicago/Batavia. Julie’s entire life has been dedicated to the care of dogs through training and offering state-of-the-art services to over 2,000 clients. For more information, go or find Paws In Time on Facebook at
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