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Introducing: The Art of Dennis Paul Kline

Oct 18, 2015 08:55AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Dennis Paul Kline opened his own tattoo shop on Stonehill Road in Oswego in 2013.

Business The Art of Dennis Paul Kline
Owner Dennis Paul Kline
Address 61A Stonehill Road Oswego (located inside DeMont Guitars)
Facebook page
Business Phone Number 708-828-3393
Email address
Year Business Started 2013

Describe your business I focus on the highest quality tattoos and fine arts. Tattoo cover ups and tattoo repairs is what I am mostly known for. I also do American traditional tattoo, black and grey, new school (cartoon) tattoos, and specialize in color tattoos. 

Why did you start your own business? Several years ago a friend and I wanted to open a tattoo shop in his beautiful town. Unfortunately because of the strict zoning laws we would have not been able to hire employees. 

Without the foot traffic required to sustain employees we eventually just gave up on the project. Fast forward several years, I started looking for a private studio. I met Nate DeMont, who was looking for someone to rent an office in his guitar warehouse on Stonehill Road. I took some time to consider the offer, and have been there ever since. 

I started tattooing after leaving the American Academy of Art located in downtown Chicago in 1999. I worked loyally for many years for a few shops, and I was not happy with the fast-paced "get them in and get them out, and take their money, next please" tattoo environment. After years of learning techniques from some of the best artists around the world, I knew it was time to open a small private art studio where I could focus on my art and tattoos. This allows me to focus at the task at hand. With no employees and no apprentices I can tattoo correctly and effectively get the best possible outcome.

Tell us something unique about your business I am a private studio. This allows me to focus on one tattoo at a time with no distractions. I don't have to stop to talk to walk-in customers or deal with the not-so-serious inquiry. I put 110 percent into what I do , with out all the gimmicks and nonsense that you sometimes get from tattoo shops. Like I always say — just because you put a tattoo sign up in your storefront window doesn't mean you know how to tattoo.

What's the best part of owning your own business? Seeing the happy and excited faces from the outcome of my work. Sometimes people cry and get overwhelmed from missing a loved one. I can help them move forward. Others are just happy to not look at something they thought they would regret later in life. It's very satisfying.

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