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Kendall County Election 2016: Tony Giles, Candidate for Kendall County Board District 2

Mar 06, 2016 03:17PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Tony Giles

Name: J. Anthony “Tony” Giles

Employment: School District 308

Family: Married to Kathleen for 21 years 3 daughters, & 1 son

Education: Master’s degree from DePaul University in Education 2002, Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University 2007

Previously elected office: Village of Oswego Trustee from 2007 – 2015

Relevant community service: Volunteer with either the Oswegoland Park District, OBSA, and/or OYTF since 2005

What are the county’s three most important capital needs (i.e. roads, buildings) at this moment? How should they be paid for?

I am going to address what are the three major issues facing the County Board outside of the per diem issue (county board members stealing tax payer dollars for the personal pocket book) issues that is addressed later in this questionnaire. First, every dime the county plans to spend or does spend should be online in real time. A link should be provided on their home page so it can be found with speed and ease. This will hold elected officials accountable, and it will give everyone advanced notice of how the Kendall County Board plans to spend our tax dollars. This will give us all an opportunity to voice our support or objection before our tax dollars are spent.

A second issue is respect for all tax payers. This includes making sure our property taxes are assessed properly. When property values go down the government should be spending less and not raising the multiplier. Respect tax payers by always striving to provide better services at the same or lower cost. Respect the payers by not stealing from them by abusing and manipulating the per diem process.

Third is the Ellis house and equestrian center, its cost, and liability have not been properly addressed by the county board. In brief Kendall County tax payers fund this center and people from other counties use the facility that we pay for. The Ellis property is a major expense for the county and there is no guidance given to the center as far as its direction and future. The board simply deals with it as a budget item once a year. Lastly, there is a large liability issue associated with the county running this facility.

As one of my first actions I would like to evaluate the Ellis house and equestrian center. If this center would continue there needs to be some changes. I would like to look into a public privet partnership. I envision a partnership that allows the county to still make a profit, but shields us from any and all liability.

Do you think the County Board’s meeting times are convenient for residents to attend? Why or why not? What changes, if any, would you propose to the meetings schedule?

The County Board meetings are designed to exclude the public. Most of the meetings are during the day when most people are at work. The County Board members are public servants and should not be hiding their meeting from the public. This was one of the causes as to how County Board members were able to abuse the per diem system and steal money from the tax payers.

Should the County Board continue its policy of paying its members per diems (or per meeting), or should they change to a straight annual salary for board members? Why or why not? Is the pay for County Board members adequate or should they be paid more, or less?

The current per diem system is not working and needs to be changed. In speaking to some county board members they would like to put off dealing with this issue until after the 2020 census, and not make changes until the 2022 election. To me this is wrong. As an elected official it is your responsibility to address the issues at hand in a timely manner. Waiting until 2022, when it is more convenient, is wrong. That is one of many reasons why we need change in the county board. If I were to be elected the per diem issue is one of the first issues I would address.


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