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Gun Displayed in Another Oswego Road Rage Incident: Police

Apr 26, 2016 12:21PM ● Published by Shannon Antinori

For the second time in less than a week, a motorist was allegedly threatened with a handgun in a what Oswego Police described as a road rage incident.

An 18-year-old driver told police he was driving in the area of Route 30 and Route 34 at around 8:05 p.m. Monday when he changed lanes in front of a pickup truck.

The teen said the truck pulled up next to him, and he exchanged words with the other driver, who then brandished a handgun before driving into the Ogden Falls subdivision, according to Oswego police spokeswoman Cathy Nevara.

The driver is described as a white male in his mid- to late 20s with dark blond hair and a beard. Police said the vehicle is described as a dark blue pickup truck.

A similar incident was reported on Thursday, when a woman told police a man pointed a handgun at her during a road rage incident.

The woman said she was driving east on Route 71 at about 8:30 p.m. when a man driving a black or dark-colored Jeep began following her closely. She told police she turned north on Orchard Road, where the two began exchanging words. As the vehicles approached the intersection of Orchard and Lewis Street, the man pointed a handgun at the woman, she told police.

The suspect in last week's incident is described as a white male with reddish/brown hair and a beard, with neck and arm tattoos.

No injuries were reported in either incident.

Nevara said that although the incidents are not believed to be related, police are asking motorists to drive with courtesy and patience, and to avoid engaging with any driver who appears irate or who is driving aggressively.

Police cited reasons drivers may experience road rage, including arguing over a parking space, being cut off, not being allowed to pass, receiving an offensive gesture, getting annoyed at another driver honking their horn, feeling stuck behind a slow driver or being tailgated.

Nevara said police offer these tips for avoiding confrontation:

  • Move over if someone is tailgating you
  • Use an “I’m sorry” gesture (e.g. wave) to attempt to defuse the situation
  • Plan ahead, allow time for delays during your journey
  • Consider whether you’ve done something to annoy the other driver and adjust your driving accordingly Keep your driving environment calm, listen to music you enjoy
  • Use your horn sparingly
  • Avoid eye contact with angry drivers and give them plenty of room

If you believe another driver is following you or trying to start a fight, you should get help, police said. If you have a cell phone, use it to call police; otherwise, drive to a place where there are people around. Once you’re in an area with other people, using your horn to get someone’s attention may discourage the aggressor, police said.

Do not get out of your car, and don’t go home, police said.

Anyone with information on either of the recent road rage incidents or any other suspicious activity is asked to call Oswego Police at 630-551-7300. Information on crimes may also be reported anonymously by calling Kendall County Crime Stoppers at 630-553-5999.

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