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Character Counts Award Winners Recognized

May 03, 2016 02:31PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Back row (L to R): Lani Breedlove, David Bueno, Anna Collins; Front row (L to R): Nathan Wagner, Sasha Pankuch

The village of Oswego recognized the latest round of Character Counts winners at Monday night's Village Board meeting.

These awards are presented to Youth, Teens, Adults and Organizations that have exhibited and/ or best exemplify one of the six pillars of Character – Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. They are recognized tonight for making our community a better place to live. 

Lani Breedlove

Lani is honest, kind and reliable.  She treats everyone with respect and has a reputation for kindness and responsibility.  In the classroom and social situations, she uses good manners and plays by the rules.  She is compassionate and open-minded even when she can't relate.  She respects authority and prompts others to do the same. 

Other staff members in the building share that Lani is always willing to jump in and help, sets high goals for herself and has a determination about her that will lead her far in life.  She exhibits all the pillars that our school stands for.  She gives of her time to many causes and clubs and an be counted on to help out wherever needed. —  nominated by Maryam Osuch

Anna Collins
Anna truly signifies someone with great character. She is very responsible about turning in her work and making sure that school is her priority. She is quick to help others, extremely internally driven to succeed, always participates in class, stays on task, and is constantly asking questions.

Overall the biggest reason I feel that Anna should be nominated for this category is her constant encouragement of others. I have never seen another student her age with so much compassion for her peers. Since she is always encouraging others, she has led others to begin to do the same. She has been a terrific role model in our class and building.

Anna has made an impact on her first grade buddy. Anna is extremely patient, kind, and respectful towards everyone, and she even has a great sense of humor. Anna is completely worthy of this award. — nominated by Kelly Ksiazek

Sasha Pankuch 
After her class read a book called "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes," a story about a young girl fighting leukemia,  Sasha was left with a passion to "do something."  She came up with the idea of making paper cranes to sell for 50 cents to raise money for St. Jude's Hospital and brought it to her class for discussion.  

The class extended the project to the entire school and even teamed up with a Metea Valley High School.  They set a goal of $1000 (in honor of Sadako's 1000 cranes) during the month of March.

Sash oversaw every job with diligence--making cranes, designing posters, creating a treasurer's budget, a secretary's to-do list, morning announcements, setting up a website and drafting a video project to help with promoting the project.  

At the end of March, they not only met but surpassed their goal with a total of $1610.  Sasha's leadership transformed her empathetic voice of one into an enormous wave of hope in our community. — nominated by Rosa Brolley

Nathan Wagner 
Nathan's teacher, Mrs. Miller, shares that Nathan demonstrates outstanding leadership in his third grade classroom at Churchill Elementary.  Nathan embodies all of the Character Counts! pillars through his everyday actions and choices at school.

Nathan has a reputation for being responsible and trustworthy.  He can be counted on to be honest, persevere through challenges with school work or friends, and shows self-discipline.  He continually pushes himself to grow as a student.

Nathan also helps others in need every day.  His actions are reflective of the "Golden Rule," and he shows compassion to his classmates through sacrifices of his own. — nominated by Cari Miller

David Bueno 
Dr. Alexander reported that David, a senior at Oswego East High School, decided to be an "up-stander" instead of a "by-stander."  While David was at a local church waiting on friends to play basketball, he noticed a group of students from Bednarcik walking home from school.  

He observed that a student in the middle of the group was being bullied.  Noticing that the student looked fearful, David got out of his vehicle and questioned the students.  The group disbanded and ran away because of his verbal intervention.  

David called Bednarcik Jr. High School to report the incident and went to the school to look at pictures to identify the victim and the bully.  David displayed great character by acting immediately to stand up for a student in need. — nominated by Dr. Sharon Alexander and Ms. Alexis Harlow

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