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Oswego Allows Sale of Home-Baked Goods

Jul 19, 2016 08:28PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Home bakers looking to sell their sweets to paying customers will now be able to do so under a new village ordinance. 

Village Trustees unanimously approved Tuesday night Oswego's version of the so-called Cupcake Ordinance that allows the retail sale of baked goods that are made in the seller's home. 

"Many communities are revising their ordinances to allow for limited retail sale of baked goods, called “cupcake ordinances” to allow flexibility for the businesses to operate in a limited fashion that does not alter the character of the residential neighborhood," said Rod Zenner, community development director. 

Former Gov. Pat Quinn signed Illinois' 'cupcake bill' in 2014 after a 12-year-old girl's $200 a month cupcake business was shut down in Troy, Illinois. Kendall County has adopted its own measure, and Oswego's is based on that, Zenner said. 

The ordinance allows for the sale of items such as home-baked cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, baked candy and baked fruit pies. It also requires sellers to tell consumers that the product was home-baked.  

Sellers will be limited in Oswego to $1,000 in sales per month, and customers must park in the sellers' driveway for pick-up. A home-based baking operation can not take up more than 25 percent of a property and may only have one employee who is not living in the home. 

Inspections from the Kendall County Health Department will occur only in the event of a complaint or a disease outbreak. 


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