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Oswego District 308 Sets Timeline, Criteria for New Boundaries

Aug 02, 2016 10:48AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Oswego School District 308 has set into motion the process to change school boundaries for the 2017-18 school year. 

School Board members met Monday night to discuss the timeline and the criteria that will be used to determine the boundaries. According to a district document, the boundary process should be complete by Dec. 12 with the adoption of a new boundary plan. 

Along the way, the district will host five boundary committee meetings. The committee will be made up of parents, government officials, local Realtors, school building administrators, members of the local chambers of commerce and senior citizens. 

The committee will be formed this month, and its first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 6. Superintendent John Sparlin said he will have more details regarding the makeup of the committee within the next 10 days. 

The District has hired consultants RSP & Associates, which has been used previously, to facilitate in the boundary process. Their consultants will assist the committee with data on enrollment and development trends, as well as aid in boundary concept and scenario development. District staff will also aid in addressing curriculum concerns, building utilization and programming. 

Toward the end of the committee's work, two public forums have been set for Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 2 and 3. The boundary will review public forum input at its final meeting on Thursday, Nov. 10. 

At Monday night's meeting, board members were asked to give their top criteria to be used during the committee meetings. After some discussion, board members agreed that building utilization/capacity, operational financial considerations, how long the new boundaries will last and transportation will be the issues that guide the committee's work. 

"We have to do this smart," said Board President Matt Bauman. "We don't want to be back here in 2 or 2.5 years because we were too emotional in our thinking."

District boundaries were last redrawn five years ago. Board member Lauri Doyle sat on that previous boundary committee, and said it's important for community members not to feel decisions have been made before the meetings even start. 

"We expect this to be done well, and without favoritism; we expect it to be done fairly," she said.




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