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New Downtown Oswego Business to Offer Segway Tours, Sales

Aug 23, 2016 10:00PM ● Published by Shannon Antinori

A new Segway dealership will open at 59 S. Main St. in downtown Oswego in the coming weeks.

Looking for an outing that’s not your standard dinner or a movie? You’ll soon have another option in Oswego.

A new downtown Oswego business will offer Segway sales, repairs and tours. Owner Chris Hadsall said he and his wife, Georgi, plan to open Oswego Extreme in the next few weeks. The business is renting space in the building that houses Oswego Cyclery, 59 S. Main St.

“The suburbs are just lacking in fun stuff like this,” said Chris Hadsall, who recently traveled to New Hampshire to become certified to sell and repair Segways.

Hadsall said he was inspired to launch the business by this year’s Hoverboard trend.

“I saw all the kids on Hoverboards in our subdivision,” said Hadsall, who then saw Segway’s take on the trend, the hands-free Segway miniPro, at a trade show in Las Vegas. “I thought, we need something like this in the suburbs,” he said.

While Segway tours are a popular tourist draw in Chicago, few Segway dealers have brought the attraction to suburbs. Hadsall said he will offer tours in Oswego, with plans to expand to as many as 10 nearby towns over the next few years.

Unlike tours in Chicago, Oswego Segway tours aren’t likely to be impeded by a lot of foot traffic, Hadsall said.

“Out by us, it’s all wide open,” he said. Hadsall said he hopes to partner with local businesses and attractions like zoos and parks to expand his Segway tour offerings.

Oswego Extreme will also be an authorized Segway dealership offering sales and repairs. Hadsall said he believes the shop could be a benefit to local police departments, which are increasingly using the vehicles.

“They’re completely underserved in the Chicago area,” Hadsall said. “There’s a huge opportunity.”

For now, Georgi plans to oversee the business during the week, with Hadsall taking over during the weekend. Hadsall said he plans to expand, potentially hiring additional staff, over the next year.

For more information on Oswego Extreme, visit the dealership’s website or Facebook page.


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