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Oswego East Student Athlete of the Week: Emily Staples

Sep 09, 2016 08:51AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Photo provided by Oswego East High School

Oswego East High School Senior Emily Staples is known by faculty and classmates for her high energy.  

Every activity Emily pursues, she immerses herself completely, giving every bit of effort in seeing the endeavor succeed.  As a golfer, Emily brings that excitement to the course while ensuring her teammates have a both a model of success, as well as a cheerleader when they are struggling.  Emily’s drive and spirit are why she is this week’s Oswego East student athlete of the week.

At Oswego East it's well known that Emily is also a twin and shares a number of activities with her sister, Rebecca.  Whether it is managing the varsity football team, taking the same AP (advanced placement) classes, or sharing after school activities, one is generally not far behind the other.  

But when it comes to golf, Emily and Rebecca go their separate ways.  Since the age of 8, Emily has been trying, and succeeding, at mastering her drive and short game.  She finds joy in the poetry of the sport, as her favorite things about golf is, “I really like the way my irons sound when I hit a perfect shot,” says Emily. 

Emily, and a few that have come before her, have helped blaze a trail for girl’s golf at Oswego East.  Prior to the 2015 school year, the Wolves did not have a women's team, and the girls would compete with the boys.  

Thanks to the interest as well as lobbying by Emily and a few others, the girls officially opened with their own team in the fall of 2015.  Head coach, Brian Chandler, understands what an asset Emily has been in getting the girls’ team off the ground.  

“We relied on Emily and her knowledge of the game, the IHSA rules, and the course,” says Chandler.  He goes on to add, “She has been very willing to help some of the younger girls with tips she has learned from her years of experience.”

Despite being a new program, the Lady Wolves have found success this year on the course.  As a team, they are 6-2 in match play this season, with a conference record of 3-2.  The girls have shown drastic improvement in play from last season, as they have not had a foursome shoot over 200 this year, whereas a season ago they never one shoot under 200.  

Junior teammate Kiana Krahulik, who has also been a part of the girl’s golf program since its inception, understands just how important Emily is to the program’s success.  

“She competes very hard and brings a lot of energy to the team,” says Kiana. “When Coach Chandler is not here to start Wednesday practices, she [Emily] makes sure to lead everyone to the putting green for practice.” 

Golf is not the only thing that is keeping Emily busy this fall.  In addition to being a member of the golf team, Emily also donates her time as manager for the football program, and somehow manages to work two days a week at Francescas.  

As if that was not enough to keep her busy, Emily is also a member of the following at Oswego East: NHS (National Honors Society), social media chair for the National Technical Honor Society, a member of Rho Kappa (History Honors Society), a member of the Business Professionals of America, a Mathlete, a member of Government Club, and is the President of the Senior Class.  

Emily’s mother, Angela Staples, believes Emily’s drive and organization are what makes her capable of juggling so many activities.  

“She is good at recognizing what is important at that moment and prioritizes her plate,” says Angela. 

In addition to her numerous activities, it would be understandable for a student like Emily to take less rigorous classes during her senior year.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, Emily pushes herself by taking multiple AP courses, and maintaining a 3.73 G.P.A.  She has already earned a 26 on the ACT, with plans to take it again and improve her score this fall.  

Emily’s Business I teacher, Stacy Sajder, has provided a strong influence on Emily and her future career path.  She also recognizes Emily’s strengths, including, “Her outgoing personality, being involved on and off campus to contribute to society as a whole, and determination to always succeed,” says Sajder.

As far as her future, Emily is leaning towards attending Central Michigan and majoring in pre-law.  After college, she plans on working in the field of corporate law.  

As a student in Ms. Sajder’s Business class, Emily helped spearhead the Business Professionals of America organization.  

“She has helped recruit members and encourage underclassmen to get involved in extracurricular activities,” says Sajder.  Sajder also believes Emily has the qualities it takes to succeed in law.  “Emily]is always studying business and law, and can debate and counter argue with the best,” says Sajder.  She goes on to add, “Emily sees the big picture when it comes to life after high school, and has a plan in place to succeed.”

Emily’s bright attitude has been a joy for the students and staff of Oswego East the past 4 years, and when she and her sister Rebecca graduate this spring, a little bit of school spirit and what makes this place so wonderful will leave with them.  

Having had time to reflect on the past 3 years, and looking forward to her future, Emily’s advice to future Wolves is simple, saying, “Try everything, and don’t get hung up in the drama.”  We wish the Emily and the Lady Wolves much success as they push to make history in their second year as a program.      



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