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Oswego East Student Athlete of the Week — Allie Bertrand

Sep 27, 2016 10:57AM ● Published by Zac Sadek

Senior Allie Bertand has seen her share of surprises and disappointments in her seven years of competitive volleyball. Because of  Allie’s ability to remain calm during a run for her team, or not hang her head when facing a streak from her opposition, she has become a rock and inspiration for this season’s volleyball team. This is why she is this week’s Oswego East student athlete of the week.

Volleyball is a sport where many players participate outside of the traditional high school season by playing club. Players work tremendously hard and travel all over the country to try and make the best travel programs, and gain the most exposure they can for college coaches.  Allie has run the travel gauntlet, making the Sports Performance Volleyball club after her freshman season, and Team One Volleyball club after her sophomore year.

Although hoping to move up a level as a freshman and sophomore at East, she continued playing with her class at Oswego East.  She made the most of this opportunity by leading her team in both years.  Allie’s mother, Sue Bertrand, has seen how much of a warrior’s spirit Allie kept in the face of any obstacles.  “She [Allie] is a spirited person, who never seems to let anything get her down,” says Sue.

Head coach, Adam Thurlwell, has watched Allie mature as both a player and a person, and has seen just how important she has become to the program.  “She’s [Allie] had her adversity but has grown tremendously from it, and I’m extremely proud of who she has become as a player and a person,” says Thurwell.  He goes on to add, “Her maturation process is one I’m glad to have been a part of, and is setting herself up for success for years to come.”

Allie, and the Lady Wolves, have met a few of their goals for this season.  The Lady Wolves were able to place in the top 3 in both of the tournaments they competed in, and are hoping for a top 3 finish in conference.  As far as Allie’s personal successes, she is currently third on the team with 60 kills, and, as Thurlwell would put it, “Gives life and limb to get a volleyball up.”  Toughness is a description that fits Allie well, especially when the nature of the sport is what she enjoys most. “[Volleyball] takes a lot heart; you need to keep fighting,” says Allie.

While Allie displays the toughness necessary to succeed on the court, she uses the her drive and determination to excel in the classroom.  Allie would like a career in broadcast journalism, and during her time at East, she has been able to take advantage of the opportunities in the classroom by taking Broadcast 1, 2, and Communications.  

Breda Murphy, her teacher for all three, has witnessed Allie’s maturation process, and believe Allie has what it takes to be successful in her future field.  “She [Allie] has grown over the past year and is much more comfortable speaking in class and being a great role model for other students,” says Murphy.  She goes on to add, “She [Allie] is inquisitive and works well with others which are traits one needs to be successful in broadcasting.”

Allie continues to push herself in the classroom, having already completed Advanced Placement (AP) English and Composition, and is currently enrolled in AP Environmental Science.  With an ACT score of 25 and a G.P.A. of 3.34, Allie has her heart set on attending Arizona State University.  
For now, Allie is committed to helping do whatever it takes to help her team be successful. Always the fighter, Allie’s advice to future Wolve’s includes, “Work hard and focus on yourself, because skill sets change and you never know where you will end up in four years.”  We wish Allie and the rest of the Lady Wolves the best of luck on the rest of the season.


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