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General Election 2016: David Welter, Candidate for the 75th State Rep. District

Nov 01, 2016 03:16PM ● Published by Steven Jack

David Welter

Name: David A . Welter

Employment: Human Resource/Operations Manager; Illinois Truck & Equipment

Family: Wife, Ashley; Daughter, Autumn, 3; Son, David Jr, 3 months

Education: Joliet Junior College

Previously elected office: Grundy County Board, 2010-16; Vice Chairman of Grundy County Board (2012-14); Chairman of Grundy County Board 2015-16

Relevant community service: Big Brother of the Year in 2014; Former volunteer We Care of Grundy County; and Save our State Parks

What makes you qualified to serve the people of the 75th District?

I am the proud husband to my wife Ashley and the proud father of my three-year-old daughter Autumn and 3 month-old-son David Jr. I'm going to Springfield to fight for their future. I want to make sure we have better school funding for every child in Illinois. I want to promote a robust economy so our children can be better off than we are and have jobs for the 21st century economy.

I have a record of taking on the status quo, driving savings and results for taxpayers, and growing jobs - a strong record that represents the values of the people of our communities. I will stand up for our interests every single day in Springfield.

What are your plans to reach across the aisle in the House to help accomplish things for the people of the 75th District?

When I was elected to the County Board we bipartisanly ended pensions and health benefits for part-time politicians saving the county $200,000 per year. We saw an issue, and worked together to make things right for the taxpayer. On the County Board I worked with Democrats, Labor, and Business to bring hundreds of good paying jobs to the district. My bipartisan record of accomplishments speaks for itself. As State Legislator I will continue reaching across the isle to improve the 75th district.

What are the 3 biggest problems facing the people of the 75th District, and what do you propose to help fix these problems?

Jobs, Property Taxes, and the Budget.

Our manufacturing sector has been devastated by the actions in Springfield. Right now, entrepreneurs are not looking to invest in Illinois because they understand the huge costs and liabilities of doing business in Illinois. We must produce a business climate that allows for expansion in Illinois and brings good paying jobs back and that starts with common sense, bipartisan policies.

I fully support a constitutional amendment proposal to prevent property tax increases - unless there is a referendum approved by local voters. Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation. It is becoming harder and harder for Illinois families to afford their homes due to crushing property taxes. In some cases, property taxes are as expensive as a second mortgage. High property taxes are forcing people out of their homes, and is one of many factors contributing to our poor financial climate.

As Grundy County Board Chairman, we cut taxes, balanced our budget, and lived within our means – all lessons that Springfield can learn from.  As State Representative, I will bring that experience to the Capitol and work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to restore growth and opportunity to our economy; make state government more efficient and accountable; and once again make Illinois a place where everyone can be proud to live, work and raise a family.

Where do you stand on how the state of Illinois should provide education funding for local school districts?

The school funding formula needs to be changed – everyone agrees. We must make sure that rural districts and less prosperous areas receive their fair share of funding. In short, a student’s ZIP code shouldn’t determine the quality of their education. Illinois schools are the most property tax-reliant schools in the nation. Additionally, the state’s portion of local education funding is the least in the nation. Most importantly, we must end the practice of providing special deals for Chicago Public Schools. The fact that Chicago schools receive special grants while also having relatively-lower property taxes than the rest of the state is a grossly unfair bargain for Illinoisans residing everywhere else.

Do you support term limits?

We need to fundamentally reform the culture of Springfield and what it means to be an elected official – that starts with political reforms like term limits and redistricting reform. For far too long, career politicians have run for office to serve their own interests, rather than their constituents. Elected office is meant to be a public service, not a career. I look forward to serving in Springfield and fighting for political reforms like term limits every single day.

Should members of Illinois’ Legislature be paid while there is no state budget? Why or Why not.

Absolutely not. Politicians shouldn’t get paid when they fail to pass a balanced budget. “No Budget, No Pay” proposals would be the most effective means to passing a balanced budget and would finally add some teeth to the General Assembly’s constitutional mandate.

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