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LETTER: Oswego Village Board 'Money Pit" for Taxpayers

Dec 05, 2016 01:13PM ● Published by Steven Jack

The Money Pit?  The Oswego Village Board agreed to pay $1.5 Million for an unpaved, flood plain parking lot.  We the tax payers get to foot the bill.

I wonder what investor would pay more than the appraised value for a property that has not been able to sell for more than 10 years?  I am sure the seller is doing the happy dance! 

The main reasons given were the board wanted power and control over this property.  Just like the new TIF district designed to give the board more power and control over winners and losers, and who will be the next benefactor of our tax dollars?  Are these the new functions of the Village Board?  Perhaps we should stick to the basics.

Combine the unpaved parking lot purchase with $30 million for a new police station, designed to support the needs of populations yet to arrive in Oswego for another ten, twenty or thirty years, and other spending which nets we the taxpayers since the last election, board approved new spending in the neighborhood of $46 million or more.   

This board inherited a $12-Million-dollar surplus and a fiscally balanced budget.  Yet we received a Sales Tax increase which averages $400 per taxpayer/household based on the net projected proceeds, and spending sure to set us in the red for years to come. 

I hope the voters pay attention to the local consolidated elections and vote out all of the incumbents in the Village of Oswego who have become a money pit for us taxpayers. 

Jim Marter, Oswego

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