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Letter: Oswego Celebrates Diversity

Dec 07, 2016 01:46PM ● Published by Steven Jack

As residents of the Oswego area, we affirm that our caring community respects and celebrates the diversity around us. We are proud of our roots as a small farming town, just as we embrace the changes that have brought us to where we are today. 

Our differences do not divide us, but rather make us stronger and inform us. Therefore, we will not stand by when signs of hate and intolerance emerge.

Some of us were born and raised here, as were generations before us, while some of us have chosen to make Oswego our home. We all, however, share in the belief that this community is stronger because we respect different ideas and are united in our love of family. 

No matter our race, religion, color, ancestry, or sexual orientation, we are all Americans, and proud to call the United States our home.

Kim Adorjan
Matt Adorjan
Max Benstine
Mark Benstine
Charlotte Benstine
Jim Best
Dave & Christine Bielawski
Sherri Brigham
Andrew Burk
Debora Burk
Lauri Carr & Family
Matt Chase
Heidi Chase
Dave Danca
Julie Danca
Amy DeFreitas
Dave DeFreitas
John  Denbo
Amber Denbo
Pat Doud
Lisa Doud
Jim Ferone
Kim Ferone
Jennifer Finlen
Robin  Frisch
Gary Frisch
Tim Gburek
Rev. Steve Good
Keith Grabarek
Jackie Grabarek
John Graff
Pat Graff
Ellie Hansen
Karen Harvey
Dave Harvey
Marsha Hollis
Rev. Kimberly Hulen
Garth & Debby  Ingram & Family
Steven & Carrie Jack
Gail Johnson
Mark  Johnson
Lauchlan Jones
Ryan Kauffman
Sally  Kempton
Jill Ko
Jack Ko
Kelly Lee
Kevin Lee
MacKenzie Lee
Jeannie LeMarre
Bruce Livingston
Kim Livingston
Greg Mason
Donna Mason
Chandler Mason
Andy Mast
Jacki Mast
Ellen McDonald
Diana Mewmaw
Jake Miller
Hannah Miller
Renita Miller
Mike Miller
John & Sharlene Momich
Jackie Morrison
John  Morrison
Laurie Nevills
Phil  Nevills
Sharon O'Brien
Janis Olson
Dave Patush
Nancy Patush
Don  Reese
Jean  Reese
Bridget Reese
Liam Reese
Pam Roberts
Christina Roberts
Tim Roberts
Cali  Roberts
Trent  Roberts
Barb Schilling
Mike & Jennifer  Smith & Family
Rich & Judy Sollinger
Kerri Soumar
Miles Soumar
Kim Soumar
Kaleigh Soumar
Jack Stees
Mary Ann Stees
Pamela Stutzman
Paula Takacs
Ron  Takacs
Pam Weaver
Keith Wilcoxson
Jane Wilcoxson
Kiley Wingstedt
William Wingstedt
Lindsay Wintermute
Len  Woelfel
Mary Woelfel
The Rev. Conley A. Zomermaand, Interim Pastor, Oswego Presbyterian Church

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