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LETTER Conservative Republican Announces Candidacy for Village Board

Dec 15, 2016 07:05AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Hello Oswego Residents:

My name is Brian Thomas, and I am writing to announce my Candidacy for Oswego Village Trustee on the Republican ballot.  

I am a Conservative Republican that is for lower taxes and a limited government.  These are just a couple of issues that I have concerns with, and are my reasons for running.  After speaking with the residents, I have heard many of their complaints. I wanted to touch on a few of them today.  

The most important issue that I hear about are Property Taxes.  This has been an issue for some time now, and it will not get better any time soon with the recent Board approval of the $44 Million downtown TIF District along with the Board approval of the $1.5 million purchase of the downtown Alexander Lumber property that looks more like a parking lot. 

In the last few meetings the Board has approved almost $46 Million dollars of taxpayer money, which will eventually lead to another property tax increase.  

Also, another issue I have been hearing from the residents is the 3/4 of 1 percent (sales) tax increase that the Board approved after the third meeting of the current Administration.  

I will touch on these issues going forward, but I wanted to bring these up because it is what I have been hearing the most.  If you have any issues please contact me anytime.

Brian Thomas, Oswego  

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