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OSWEGO ELECTION FORUM: Conservative Republican Wants Lower Taxes, Spending

Feb 16, 2017 01:21PM ● Published by Steven Jack

My name is Brian Thomas, and I am running for Oswego Village Trustee on the Republican ballot.  

Let me first say, that if I’m elected, there will be nobody on the Village Board that will be a bigger supporter of our Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Emergency Responders, and of course our Military Veterans than myself.  

Also, there will be no bigger supporter of Small/Big business than myself, but I Will Not do it on the back(s) of the resident(s) via increased taxes.  I believe most Business would rather have a roll back in regulation and less “red tape” than tax breaks that come at the expense of the residents.  

I am not a politician, rather a concerned resident that is upset with the direction the current board is taking us-with high taxes and big government.  I am a Conservative Republican that is for lower taxes and limited government.  

I am running because I believe our taxes are already too high with no end in sight.  The Village Board just approved $44 Million Dollars for the Downtown TIF District, as well as paid $1.5 Million Dollars for a Parking Lot-also known as the old Alexander Lumber property-which will come with another tax increase.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can do better and I ask for your support and vote on April 4th 2017. 

If you have any questions, would like to Volunteer or Donate, or help in any capacity, please contact me.

Brian Thomas

708-785-7855 /  

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