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Oswego East Student Athlete of the Week: Sean Clabots

Feb 27, 2017 08:12PM ● Published by Zac Sadek

OEHS Senior Sean Clabots performs and participates in a sport, wrestling, which has more than its fair share of masculinity and testosterone.  

Although Sean is a tireless worker and a supreme competitor, his ability to make those around him laugh and be comfortable is rare in a sport that often sees so many serious competitors. Sean’s ability to bring cohesiveness and humor to his teammates, as well as his fiery competitiveness when he is on the mat, which is why he is this week’s Oswego East student athlete of the month.

Beginning in 8th grade, Sean began competitive wrestling with his club Team No Ego.  Seeing early success, Sean’s new hobby blossomed into a craving for competition.  He has been a four year member of the East wrestling program, and a two year member of the varsity team.

 As a heavyweight, Sean is tasked with wrestling some of the strongest and biggest athletes in the state.  However, his unwillingness to bend to competition saw him consistently taking it to the limit with each opponent.  

“Most of Sean’s matches were low scoring affairs, a lot of which went into overtime,” assistant coach Steve Doerrer says.  He goes on to add, “Pushing around another heavyweight, that weighs almost 300 lbs for over 7 minutes takes a lot of endurance, but that’s how Sean won matches; he had more endurance.”

While Sean’s work ethic goes unquestioned by coaches and teammates, he brings a lighter side to practice during times when his team needs a boost.  Sean’s mother, Nancy Clabots, says, “Sean’s best quality is his sense of humor.”  She goes on to add, “He has an uncanny ability to know when someone needs to laugh, and he’s not afraid to do something that makes everyone laugh.”

Coach Doerrer echoes those sentiments, saying, “Sean provided leadership, motivation and, at times, much needed comic relief to the team.  This is my first year with the program, but I’ve been around dozens of teams.  I told the coaches early on in the season that every team needs a Sean.”

While Sean, who teammates affectionately nicknamed “Crave Case,” [Sean worked at White Castle], brings  much needed light moments during tough times; his teammates and coaches know just how much work he puts into his craft.  “Sean has a lot of strengths, but his greatest is his work ethic,” says Doerrer.  He goes on to add, “He is a hard working kid, and there are not many heavyweights that are as conditioned as him.”

As far as successes on the mat, Sean was a sectional qualifier and placed in the Conant tournament, the Palatine Berman tournament, and the Lake Park Krupke Invitational tournament. Wrestling has provided the building blocks necessary for Sean to succeed in other areas of life as well.

As a student, Sean brings both his humor and work ethic into the classroom.  Sean has earned a 3.3 G.P.A., as well as a score of 1250 on the SAT.  Over the past three years, Sean has taken seven advanced placement courses (AP), and numerous honors courses, a very challenging academic workload.

Sean’s future plans include attending Waubonsee Community College right after graduation, and eventually moving to DePaul University, where he plans on majoring in Psychology.  Sean’s AP Psychology teacher, Tony Giles, believes Sean will thrive in his intended major, saying, “I think Sean will be successful in the field of psychology because of his passion for the subject matter and his work ethic.”

Regardless of any barriers he may face, Sean is more than willing to meet them head on, and those that know him best believe he has what it takes to overcome any obstacle.  “[Sean] recognizes his own shortcomings and works hard to overcome them, instead of giving up,” says Nancy.

As a senior who is only a few short months away from graduating, Sean has put himself in a position to be incredibly successful on his future journey, and continue making Oswego East proud to call him one of their own.  

For those 8th graders that will soon be joining the Wolf Pack, Sean advises they, “Take every opportunity [they] can in high school, because [they] will realize it only gets more difficult when [they] leave.”  Although the road ahead for Sean will have its challenges, as it will for all graduates, Sean can rest easy knowing his personality and work ethic will continue to open doors and provide opportunities for his future.

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