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OSWEGO ELECTION FORUM: Cirone the Right Financial Mind for School Board

Mar 03, 2017 04:20PM ● Published by Steven Jack

The financial situation and fiscal future of the Village of Oswego and School District 308 are challenging.  

Per the Oswego Ledger, in its current state, SD308 is on a 5 year track to bankruptcy.  Countless difficult decisions will need to be made, and creative problem solving will be at a premium.  

I have studied accounting at the University of Notre Dame, obtained a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and spent the last 15 years of my career in accounting and finance related roles, most recently as CFO of a $400 million company.  

As such, I understand how important research, data analytics and a solid understanding of accounting and finance will be to lead SD308 to a fantastic future that is not only fiscally responsible, but also offers the best opportunities to our students, families, teachers and administrators.  

In the process, we will hopefully become a model for other districts across the state who face similar trials and drive up values across the board in Oswego to the benefit of all.  In my opinion, and I truly respect all perspectives, Dominick Cirone is a candidate for the SD308 Board who can really help us moving forward.  

I have known Dominick for several years now.  He has 15 years of experience working in finance and accounting and a solid education in both, and he truly believes in doing thorough research, compiling solid data and being proactive in problem solving through modeling and forecasting, as opposed to consistently being reactionary and in fire drill mode.  

More importantly, Dominick is an outstanding family man, who truly loves Oswego and wants to do what is best for its families and students.  He wants our children to have more and better opportunities than we did.  

I truly respect Dominick’s ability to build bridges with good communication, transparency, professional dialogue and a willingness to ask the tough, pointed questions.  I believe Dominick will listen to the insights of the subject matter experts, administrators and teachers, and provide helpful guidance.  

Dominick will not run from a challenge, but will instead seek the best ways to compromise and overcome obstacles.    Again, this is just my opinion as a resident who loves the spirit, people and potential of Oswego, but I truly believe Dominick Cirone will serve us well on the SD308 Board.  Good luck to all the candidates, and please make sure to get out and vote!

Chris “Coach Chris” Jackson

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