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OSWEGO ELECTION FORUM: Paul the Right Choice for School Board

Mar 14, 2017 01:04PM ● Published by Steven Jack

As I view the current political and social climate, I am deeply concerned that our differences are leading us to dabble in pointless animosity rather than inspiring us to find creative solutions.  I believe that one of the key components enabling a society to unite and problem solve is found in experienced, honest leadership.

During the upcoming School Board election, each voter has the opportunity to help maintain the positive trajectory of School District 308 by keeping Danielle Paul in office.  During her tenure, Mrs. Paul has balanced career and family while managing to give countless hours to improve student achievement.   Despite facing strong opposition, she has also been a strident advocate for complete fiscal viability and responsibility.  Some have questioned Mrs. Paul’s motives; however, her record and behavior demonstrate that the first and only consideration for her decisions is the overall welfare of 308 students, faculty and staff.

Because of the dire fiscal circumstances created by the State of Illinois, ALL public school districts will face some potentially devastating decisions in the near future.  Danielle Paul is the experienced leader who can face these decisions with courage, clear communication and innovation.   I encourage each of you to vote for Mrs. Paul and then support her in finding the creative solutions needed to protect 308 and maintain the positive direction in preparing young people for the future.

Deborah Jones
Elections, Today, Opinion

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