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OSWEGO ELECTION FORUM: One Candidate Uniquely Qualified to Handle SD308 Budget Crisis

Mar 14, 2017 01:15PM ● Published by Steven Jack

SD308 is facing a massive budget crisis. Painful cuts are going to have to be made to balance the budget. There is one candidate for the Board of Education who is uniquely qualified to navigate the budget and identify cost savings opportunities. Dominick Cirone is a senior treasury analyst for a multi-billion dollar corporation, giving him the experience and knowledge to necessary to understand a large and complicated budget. He is the only candidate or incumbent with these skills.

From the first day of his campaign, Dominick has promised to do everything possible to find cost savings that will least impact students. Unfortunately, on Friday, March 4, SD308 laid off approximately 50 teachers, which of course will impact students greatly. Dominick will scour the budget and look for cuts that will not affect the classroom nearly as much. He will fight to keep class sizes where they are. He will look at district level expenditures for savings opportunities.

Dominick is a fixture in the Oswego community. He is or has been a member of several district and village committees and is active in his children’s schools as well as districtwide groups. He is a member of Kiwanis of Oswego. If there’s an event happening in town, you can be sure to see him there!

I am confident as a taxpayer, an advocate and, most importantly, a parent that Dominick will keep the best interests of all children his number one priority. Join me in voting for Dominick for Board of Education in SD308.

Robyn Vickers
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