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2017 Oswego Candidate Questionnaire: Bob Rogerson, Oswego Township Highway Commissioner

Mar 19, 2017 01:51PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Name:  Bob Rogerson
Employment: Owner Rogerson Drywall Inc.
Family: Wife Debbie, Son Ryan, Kari (Wife) & Grandson ColeEducation: 2016 Il Township Officials Conference Seminars, CDL Class A training, Oswego High 1983, Union Trades School with OSHA, EPA Certified Lead-Safe
Previously elected office: None
Relevant community service: Volunteered for Oswego Township/ Senior Center, Oswego Chamber of Commerce, Hesed House Aurora and Habitat for Humanity

 What makes you qualified to serve as an elected Oswego Township official? 

For approximately 2 years I have attended many meetings. The monthly Township and other meetings regarding Wolf’s crossing road & Collins road extension, where I have learned the Township procedures. In that time, I’ve also met with numerous surrounding Township officials. Many at the “Townships of Illinois Conference in Springfield” this last fall from all over the state to hear firsthand on what this position requires a road commissioner to do. Obviously, there are administrative duties, but also, most of the commissioners that I have talked with are hands on plowing/ salting whatever it takes to save the taxpayers money. With my field experience and track record of public service, business history and results, I believe I can bring the most to the tax payers. They deserve the next Commissioner to be accessible at this FULL-TIME position.

Example; The township sub contracts out the snow removal in the cul-de-sac’s in Boulder Hill. Again, with my CDL class A license, I’ve plowed/ hauled snow for the railroad and city of Plainfield. This is one area as a full-time commissioner, if the need arises I could help do this work in house. Other qualifications i.e., I have operated all kinds of heavy equipment. I have estimated, managed, budget engineered multiple public projects such as the Oswego and Montgomery Village Halls. I have owned two successful businesses. I know how to get things done!

What are your specific plans to restore transparency and public trust in the township? 

First off, I will discontinue my successful drywall co and focus on this opportunity 100%. Because I believe from this point forward, the tax payers are not looking for the same part time and partially invested leader anymore! I will help improve the website for starters. I will be accessible to the constituents and be more active in the community. I will lead by example as I have in the past and earn the trust of my co-workers and the people of Oswego Township.  

If any, what are your specific ideas for expanded Township services? 

I would like to implement during heavy winters, snow removal on curbside-sidewalks in school zone’s adjacent to school property. Possible solar street lights in Boulder Hill have been talked about for years. Or do we put that money into repairing more roads, curbs and sidewalks? I also think more pavement striping is needed in the township. In a perfect world, we would have both. I also think a good idea would be to get a Public Bid in place for one Garbage company to win a low bid contract for all of Boulder Hill. With a handful of different companies coming in and out creates a lot of extra wear and tear on our roads. As I’ve said in other articles, all existing services and any new ideas or services will need to be cost / budget engineered for cost vs value solutions. And again, all while conservatively managing our tax dollars. I have an established relationship with the Village of Oswego & Montgomery. Also, Kendall Co Township. I will envision with them, ideas on how we can combine our resources to help save money.

Would you support an effort to consolidate township services with other local taxing bodies to eventually remove this layer of government? 

I was asked this question at the “Meet the candidates at the Village Hall” My answer was yes, even if it meant me finding another job. It’s sad to see so many leaving this great town / County / State because of taxes. However, to consolidate is easier said than done. Townships have been around forever. Oswego since 1849. Boulder Hill is the largest unincorporated subdivision in the state. Oswego Township is one of the largest in the state of Illinois with approximately 70 miles of road to take care of as well as the other services that are currently executed. I’m open minded to any options.

If you are elected, what do you believe should be the Township’s top 3 immediate priorities?

1.     Safety for our workers, safer roads and sidewalks / curbs.

2.     Wolf’s Crossing road. At the very least, Stripping and gravel added on shoulders.

3.     Accessibility through our web page for more transparency, and more face to face with our Constituents Full Time!


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