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2017 Oswego Candidate Questionnaire: Dan Koukol, Oswego Township Supervisor

Mar 19, 2017 04:59PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Dan Koukol

Name: Dan Koukol
Website: Facebook   Dan Koukol
Employment: Managing Real estate Broker and owner DK Trailer & Tractor/Midwest Lenders Services.  Licensed auctioneer
Family:  2 children
Education: Waubonsee Community College, Westen Illinois University and  Real Estate Institute
Previously elected office: County Fair board and Kendall County Board 
Relevant community service:  Workforce development board for Kendall, Kane and Dekalb counties. Member Raven lodge 303, Oswego Chamber, Yorkville Chamber and many local organizations. 

What makes you qualified to serve as an elected Oswego Township official? 

My experience in government. I am the only candidate that has had experience with MFT tax ( motor fuel tax) This comes thru a chain of red tape ends up at county and then is given to townships. I will keep a watchful eye on these numbers.  I have done many road projects with the latest ones being one million and 1.5 million under cost.  Ridge road south and Eldamain Rd. North.   If ever needed I am the only candidate that has the knowledge of the equipment the township owns to repair the roads.  I can operate all the equipment and if road district in a pinch I am the only candidate that has a CDL license.  With this knowledge I will be able to monitor the bills by knowing what is being bought for the equipment.  When I was at county I was  Economic Development Chairman I brought companies in to the county. I will continue that to take the tax burden off roof tops and bring industry or business with no kids.  I was facilities chair and Highway chairman as well. 

What are your specific plans to restore transparency and public trust in the township?

My plans are to update website and start a bill system that I started at the county.   All bills accessible to public and trustees days before meeting.   Signed by at least two members and looked at by all.  Excel sheet of the bills and originals available.  I have had many open meetings act training. So meeting will be posted and publicly known about by law standards and ran correctly.   

If any, what are your specific ideas for expanded Township services?   

Passports, birth certificates and possibly death certs. Senior programs, working with the current senior center.

Would you support an effort to consolidate township services with other local taxing bodies to eventually remove this layer of government? 

Yes If indeed it will save money I will support it.  Plain and simple.  We need tax relief in Oswego!

If you are elected, what do you believe should be the Township’s top 3 immediate priorities?

1. Serve the people.

2. Keep the people informed and educated on what townships can do for the people.  Make it known! 

3. Get involved with economic development, other governmental bodies and private business to get some tax relief lined up for community in the near future. 

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