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OSWEGO ELECTION FORUM: Village Trustee Endorses Fellow Board Members

Mar 21, 2017 07:37AM ● Published by Steven Jack

Two years ago I had the privilege of being elected to the Village Board. It is the first time I have held elected office, and it has been the honor of my life to serve the Residents of Oswego. It has also given me the opportunity to observe firsthand what my fellow Trustees are like. Trustees Judy Sollinger, Pam Parr, and Luis Perez are smart, dedicated public servants that truly care about Oswego.

Together, we have accomplished so much in the last few years. Here are my top 5 favorites:

1)     We’ve implemented the first Comprehensive Plan for Oswego in several decades.

2)     Convinced Metra to continue moving forward with the Oswego Train Station.

3)     Broke ground on the new police station on Wooley Road. The current one was outgrown a decade ago.

4)     Welcomed the first steakhouse to Oswego, Longhorn opens in August.

5)     Development of the Alexander Lumber site project. This is perhaps the most exciting project going on right now. The vacant site adjacent Tap House downtown has sat empty and unloved since 2006. That has changed.

The revitalization of downtown Oswego is underway, and it is electrifying, but a project of this size does not occur overnight. We need a Board that will continue to represent the desires of the average Oswegoan.

I believe Residents want a safe, family friendly, walkable downtown with a variety of stores to shop in and restaurants to choose from. Please join me in supporting Judy Sollinger, Pam Parr, and Luis Perez on April 4th. They are intelligent professionals that truly care about Oswego and its bright future.

Ryan Kauffman, Oswego Village Trustee

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