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2017 Oswego Candidate Questionnaire: Claude Ainsworth, Oswego Township Highway Commissioner

Mar 21, 2017 01:11PM ● Published by Steven Jack

Name:  Claude Ainsworth
Employment: Retired
Family: Mary (Wife) Dennise, D’lynne, Derryk, Tara Schwab, Gary Lynch (Children)
Education: College
Previously elected office: None
Relevant community service: 8 Years President Oswegoland Sugar and Spice

What makes you qualified to serve as an elected Oswego Township official?

22 years civil engineering. I’m the only candidate that has been certified by the state on documentation, therefore I am the only candidate who can produce information on a moments notice on any FOIA request. I spent 22 years as a resident engineer for thirteen government entities and provided them the expertise that allowed them to improve their infrastructure and protected them from any misappropriation of funds. I worked with Local, State, and Federal agencies to procure monies, prosecute road projects, and close them out financially under the guidelines that are issued by Federal Government. I have been scrutinize by State and Federal agencies on proper documentation and construction methods. I was one of the first “RE’s” in Cook County that was in charge of the shovel ready jobs called “ America’s Rehabilitation and Recovery Act.” (ARRA) As a result I was visited by agents from Washington that scrutinized my work favorably.

What are your specific plans to restore transparency and public trust in the township?

I will be available by multiple outlets for consultation. I will be able to produce any information requested by FOIA and the board of trustees.

If any, what are your specific ideas for expanded Township services?

Before I can give you specifics I need to examine how the services are being prosecuted.

Would you support an effort to consolidate township services with other local taxing bodies to eventually remove this layer of government?


If you are elected, what do you believe should be the Township’s top 3 immediate priorities?

One: I would make road repairs to Township roads that are acceptable to State and Federal Guidelines. i.e. make sidewalk replacement to include federally mandated ADA ramp requirements.
Two: I would try to include on the Township roads “Green Spaces.” When I first moved to Boulder Hill It had green island on Boulder Hill Pass that made it look like a subdivision equal to more upscale places.
Three: I would spend some time concentrating my efforts on cleaning up the East Village of Boulder Hill.
Four: I know how to correct drainage issues on Burkhard Drive. It is not right that every time there is a small amount of rain the house there get flooded.

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