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Oswego Graduate Authors Successful Children's Book

Mar 31, 2018 11:00AM ● Published by Nate DeMont

Kellen Roggenbuck, a 2002 graduate of Oswego High School, has made his passion of ministry into a 12 year career working as a youth director and now Pastor leading his own Church, Immanuel UMC, Jefferson, WI. While busying himself with his studies and growing the Church, Roggenbuck married and began a family. 
Soon followed a child, Levi. "Levi used to hold my beard like a security blanket..." said Roggenbuck. "...and I wanted to capture some of that connection in a funny book for kids." When asked if he had planned for the success of this book, Roggenbuck replied "No, it was mostly out of fun." After showing his work to a neighbor who happened to be a publisher, he said "They rushed it to get it published by Father's Day." 
"I thought it'd be a fun book for other people to read too, so I asked if they'd be interested."
Now "My Dad Has A Beard" has become a successful seller with close to 800 sales within the last year and a 5 out of 5 rating on Although relatively small sales in comparison with the Best Seller's list, this is a considerable amount for a self-written, self-illustrated side-project of a full time Pastor. 
Roggenbuck said that after featured his book sales spiked. So far Christmas and Father's day have also been big selling seasons.
Although personal profits are small for Roggenbuck he says he wanted the 22 page book to be "fun and enjoyable to read for both parents and children."

"My Dad Has A Beard" can be purchased through,, and more. Likewise, it is available at the Oswego Public Library.

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