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Musings of an O-Town Mom

Apr 21, 2018 06:01PM ● Published by Rick Jacobsen

Monday marks 25 days left of school and our school started the ABC Countdown. Just when you feel like you just started to get into the swing of things with the routines and you no longer feel like a rookie mom. The idea of having all of the kids home for the summer is surprisingly frightening; knowing that there will be the constant nagging of when they can have technology time, of hearing that they’re bored, or hearing your name for the millionth time throughout the day! So how do you fill the days with activities? 

I read an interesting article a few years ago about how it’s good for kids to be “bored”; that children need that moment of silence to be able to hear them think and find themselves! Isn’t that crazy to think about? Our kids are filled with so much more than we did growing up. They know far more about technology and social media than we do sometimes and it can be scary when you realize how their young minds aren’t ready for some of the content that floats around. I know I have some heavy thoughts that run through my head than just the simple “What are your summer plans this summer?” 

This summer I’m planning to help keep my kids busy themselves in writing a lot. I used to journal a lot and found it to be revealing. A lot of the issues I had growing up resolved themselves in thought and reflecting on what I wrote. I also want to focus this summer on how to be good citizens, not just in our community but within family and friends as well. Don’t worry, we’ll still be doing all the fun summer activities too!

I’d just like to give the Rotary of Montgomery a huge shout out for their involvement in building a community garden at Krug Elementary! What a wonderful and inspiring idea! 

I'm going to mark this upcoming Monday, which happens to be Earth Day, as the start of our focus for this 2018 summer. If you live either in Montgomery or Oswego, here is an event that lines up perfectly with this mission. Here are some helpful links to get started!

Montgomery Rotary Club

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