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OHS Alumnus Goes on to be Successful Artist

Apr 24, 2018 10:20AM ● Published by Nate DeMont

Gallery: Colin Sherrell [9 Images] Click any image to expand.

"For me, there is true joy and pure beauty in simplicity." Colin Sherrell is a rather exploratory artist that incorporates many aspects of art history, theory, conceptualism, craft, process, and his own personal life experiences into his art work.

Sherrell does not seem to not limit himself to any one specific idea, material/medium or method. Working primarily as a sculptor, Sherrell works with wood, ceramic, fiberglass, metal, glass, stone, dog fur/hair, wax, books, found objects, textiles, and so much more. His processes are extensive, and he keeps his conceptual possibilities open for exploration.

Sherrell’s work evolves out of his wide interests in industry, nature, geometry, love, life, family, childhood, labor, sexuality, culture, dualities, and the everyday. Sherrell has always felt the necessity to continue to push his education and exploratory nature by having an open mind and working in unexplored territories. Beyond primarily working in a three dimensional realm, he is also a painter, video artist, and a computer artist. 

“Being a maker/artist wasn’t a choice it was natural calling. I am the son of an artist father and quilter mother, my sister is an interior designer, and my grandfather was a painter and window display installer. My whole life has been saturated with creativity and a drive for individual expression. I am art fluid” 

2002 Oswego High School graduate Colin Sherrell left home at the age of 20 to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New World School of the Arts. Graduating in 2011 from New World, Sherrell immediately followed up with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Miami. 

After being awarded his MFA in 2014, Sherrell became represented by Now Contemporary Art Gallery. After 8 years of showing and four solo exhibitions in Miami, FL, Sherrell moved back to Illinois to continue his art career in his homeland of Oswego. 

Sherrell has exhibited at the Illinois State Museum in Lockport, IL and has had two additional solo shows. Sherrell is a preparator, member, and Artist Collective Artist with Water Street Studios in Batavia IL.  In addition, Sherrell is an Instructor at the Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center in Chicago IL and a small business owner. Colin and his wife Theresa groom dogs at their home grooming salon, Mod Dog Grooming Studio, in Oswego, IL. 


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