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Local Music Highlight: Invisible Cartoons

Apr 27, 2018 02:44PM ● Published by Candice Carson James Dobson

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Comprised of five members, each who bring their own unique style and jazz to the band,  it’s something the ears aren't quite used to.  Two lead vocalists with a hint of bumping bass, a dash of keytar, and a splash of guitar mixed with background vocals creates a sound unlike anything I’ve heard but it’s a pleasant one - the type of music that makes you just want to dance.  "At the end of the day, just get up and dance, even if you don’t think you can, just dance.” says the band.   Well played Invisible Cartoons because your music makes me want to do just that. 

Not-sounding like what we hear on today’s radio works in their favor. A local band from Aurora, Invisible Cartoons, brings to the table feel-good music. It makes you smile. It’s good for the drive. It will cheer you up if you’re having a bad day. 

The album is called Characters by Invisible Cartoons. Ryan Worthy describes their genre as Smile Rock, because they want, more than anything, to make their audience smile.

One particular song that got me smiling was a catchy tune by the name of "Last Call". The song itself was enough to garner my attention.

One simple search of Invisible Cartoons will lead you to their BandcampYoutube, and Facebook. Their music is available on pretty much all the standard social platforms. It will be the best eight dollars you ever spent, I can tell you that.  I quickly discovered they have a second album by the name of Space Cat; an album I would point out is definitely worthy of a listen to.

So if you get the opportunity, head over, check them out and just dance. Their music videos are highly entertaining, with live performances promising even more.

But hey! Don’t take my word for it. Check them out yourselves at
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