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Musings of an O-Town Mom- Mother's Day

May 11, 2018 02:51PM ● Published by Jerry Bannister

Mother’s Day seems to bring about nostalgic feelings. It starts off with the news of being pregnant and sharing the news with those closest. The moment you feel the first kick, and the way it feels when the baby gets the hiccups in utero. Then comes the day the baby is born and every morning sickness is now a long distant memory along with that sciatic pain because now you get to hold this beautiful being who is experiencing all these amazing and confusing senses of having joined this world. You hold your baby for the first time and it’s like someone flipped the switch and changed your life for good.

I’ve gone thru this 4 times over. And each time it’s been as if for the first time. Each one of my babies has been an unique childbirth. And every Mother’s Day has taken on newer meaning as the years progress.

I found myself today helping my son dress for his preschool graduation and I had a moment where I saw myself in the future helping him prepare for his high school graduation, his college commencement, and then I fast forwarded to his wedding day. I wondered how many more moments like these I’ll have with each of them where I’ll be there to help them face the new chapters in their lives.

I looked back at my own past and remembered my mother’s embrace and how she cried when I went off to college. I was too young to understand where those tears came from, and it is only now that I’m only beginning to understand where those tears stem from. After all, I’m only 8 years into motherhood.

As you prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day with your families, take a moment to reflect on all those small moments where your mom prayed with you at bedtime, kissed the scrap on your knee when you were a kid, sang that one song with you; danced with you, and held your hand thru one of the toughest days in your life. Remember what it felt like to find her face in the crowd, how she was your biggest cheerleader, how even while you lived away from home you could pick up the phone and call her and she would always answer. And if you’re a mom yourself remember to enjoy it because these special days are so fleeting. Don’t worry about going into mommy mode, just take a deep breath and take in the love that’s being given.
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