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Local Music Highlight: Justin Yates

May 19, 2018 10:04PM ● Published by Candice Carson James Dobson

When it comes to Justin Yates, putting a guitar in his hand is like putting a scalpel into the hand of a surgeon; a tool that becomes an art-form. This artist uses his experiences in life and transforms them into an epic ballad that rocks the soul and hits hard.

Yates hails from the home town of Richmond, IL, but currently resides in Sacramento, CA.  An acoustic specialist, Justin Yates's album “The Jig is Up” is pure-gold

His song “Before We Go,”  is raw and personal from the heart, reminiscent of Matchbox Twenty and Dashboard Confessional. His music is also highly energetic and creative with a mix of spoken word and phenomenal vocals. The title song the “Jig is Up” starts off slow with a catchy guitar intro, before ending the album on a strong note with an ever-more emotional song.

A mix of melancholy and angst to guitar that strikes deep to the pit of emotion, overall Justin Yates is a very talented one man band whose music will speak to you

The easiest way to get the full list is to dash over to

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