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The Definition of Community

May 26, 2018 08:45PM ● Published by Allyson Jacobsen

On Friday May 25th at 7:14 pm, Kimberly Thomas posted about a situation that left her saddened and bewildered by people’s actions to a closed Facebook group, “Oswego IL Moms Unite”.  Kimberly had attended her husband’s graduation ceremony as a certified tool and die maker in Hoffman Estates the night before. Kimberly’s husband, Kevin Thomas, had previously served as a Senior Airmen with the Air Force until June 2014.  He served for seven years between Korea, Germany, as well as time stateside.

 Unfortunately, between the commotion and excitement of graduation, with her children in tow, Kimberly’s wallet had fallen out of her diaper bag.  On Friday morning she contacted the venue and left a message to report the missing wallet.  A short while later Kimberly received a message from one of the venue’s employees, via Facebook, stating that her wallet had been recovered.  It was not often that Kimberly had any amount of cash on hand, but since it was a special occasion she had $500 in the wallet.

While Kimberly was at work, her mother travelled to the venue to retrieve the missing wallet.  The venue did not verify who her mother was, left the wallet open and on top of the front counter with a note of who the wallet was for.  Upon review, the money was missing, the employee and venue were uncooperative in pursuing the issue further.  Heartbroken and questioning human morality, Kimberly’s next step is now to go to the Hoffman Estates police department to report the issue.

Kimberly’s post was heard by the community and heartfelt.  Many “moms” wanted to help, but it was one of the moms, Emily Gossett, that led the way.  At 8:17 pm, only a little over an hour later, Emily offered to  start a fund raiser to replace the missing money.  Through Paypal and Facebook, moms donated funds into the leader’s hands to give to Kimberly.  By 10:30 this morning $775 had been raised and Kimberly was notified, “Seriously guys I’m crying (happy tears) about how everyone just came together like that!  There is such a strong sense of community and caring mommas in this group” “I never expected this to happen from my vent” “This is a whole new take on it takes a village”. 

Many moms donated $10 each, or more, in order to recover the missing funds for Kimberly and her family.  In total 54 people, including Emily, donated for a total of $825 as of 6 pm.  Today, stories like these are or should be at the forefront of newspaper headlines.  A reminder that good morals and compassion do still exist. 

As Kevin Thomas, Kimberly’s husband, Emily Gossett had also served our country and nation’s community.  Emily served from 1996-2000 as military police for the United States Air Force in Anchorage Alaska making this story is even more fitting for this Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you Emily and Kevin for serving.


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