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Letter to the Editor

Jun 28, 2018 04:13PM ● Published by Jerry Bannister

School District 308 in a recent meeting considered adding a new Administrative Position, Director of Development, which supposedly could increase revenue.  This is astonishing that the district, which is financially challenged, would add administrative costs where the lowest administrative salary exceeds $75,000, not including benefits.  This proposal has no guarantee of adding revenue! Chris Jackson, the presenter and applicant for the position, did not give any specific detailed plan on where the additional revenue would come from but only proposed a goal of $250,000 for the first year.  His ideas for revenue are forming Technology partnerships, public and private partnerships and monetizing unused land and buildings.  All of these ideas are within the capability and responsibility of the SD 308 Administration and the board, (especially monetizing unused land), without adding another paid position. He also suggested Casino Nights which is a form of gambling and in my opinion should not in any way be associated with our schools.  Jackson when asked by board member Brent Lightfoot, if he would continue his present positions as a director with Kinsale Capital Partners LLC and Jackson Consulting he said he hadn’t given much thought to the conflict but that he was capable of doing them, which I interpret to mean he would not be full time to the district.

Board member Matt Baumann stated this is exciting and said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.   Spending money that you don’t have expecting a windfall with no specific plan to provide the increased revenue is Insanity!   Interestingly, Chris Jackson gave Baumann a glowing recommendation for election in the Oswego Patch before  the last election.

One area where the school district could make a large reduction in current costs is canceling the non-mandated Dual Language, (Spanish), program where the estimated cost with transportation costs is approximately $1,000,000, (1 Million). That program was initiated to improve learning of English by students only in the lower grades and was not meant to continue through upper grades.  This program is a special interest of a majority of the current board and was a main reason for them running for the board. The program was to be dropped by the previous board but was reinstated by the present board.

Let SD308 Board Members know that you oppose adding this new position.

Lee Hoffer, Oswego, IL

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